[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: equalizer

>>>>> "j" == josh   writes:

j> i really like rhythmbox but since you cause use xine with it, and
j> are forced to use gstreamer i cant use the application for some
j> reason gstreamer on my laptop sounds like total crap, and the sound
j> is all breaking up like there is too much bass.  will an equalizer
j> be included in a later release so i can use the program? now i am
j> forced to use amarok.. but its a kde program and doesnt fit in with
j> the theme i use in gnome.. xine plays my music fine without the
j> sound problems, so an equalizer is def. needed so i can change the
j> freq. so that crackling noise is gone

There is an open bug on this: http://bugs.gnome.org/76522 

It would probably be best done as a plugin.  I think gstreamer has
some backend support for equalisation, but not sure about that,
somehow would need a user interface.


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