[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: permit labelling songs as 'funny', 'relax' or so...

>>>>> "k" == kampde   writes:

k> Hello all, I'm quite new to Rhythmbox, but I haven't seen this
k> feature. Perhaps I missed it (sorry then) or perhaps it doesn't
k> exist. I also don't know if this is the list where to put
k> suggestions, but it's the only I saw about Rhythmbox. After this
k> short 'forgive-me-if-I'm-wrong-introduction', here's my suggestion:

k> It would be great to permit label songs as 'funny', 'relaxing',
k> 'really-hard' or so, as a way to generically build playlists by
k> this new attribute, instead of just 'artist' or 'album',
k> identically as the flickr [1] or youtube [2] sites. Obviously, one
k> song could have more than one label. For example, I would label the
k> song 'Inside my head (you're all dead)' from 'De Heideroosjes' [3]
k> as 'happy', 'whistle' and 'calm-first-rocky-then'.

Yes, it would be great feature and has been discussed a bit
previously.  F-spot, the image viewer/browser application also does
this type of tagging.  There is an open enhancement bug on this with
some ideas towards an implementation:


see also:


for how it might be done.  Doc Livingston will probably be able to
provide more technical details. ;-)


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