Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Stock interface icons & gnome-settings-daemon

Em Ter, 2006-05-09 às 09:00 +0530, Dominick Sidiropoulos escreveu:
> Hello everyone. First of all thumbs up for offering to the community this 
> awesome piece of work. Rhythmbox really rocks. I'ld like to ask something about 
> stock icons of the interface (stock_shuffle, stock_repeat, stock_playlist, 
> stock_smart-playlist, stock_music-library): For those of us running rhythmbox 
> outside the content of the gnome-desktop (here: windowmaker) there is the need 
> to initialize gnome-settings-daemon first, to get these part of the interface 
> to appear. Would it be possible to have some standard icons for these parts of 
> the interface to be used as fall-backs when the gnome-settings-daemon is not 
> running? If this would result in code-bloat I understand (Keeping a clean 
> design comes first). But if you could do anything to address this it would help 
> a lot of people cause running gnome-settings-daemon causes all sorts of 
> side-effects (like changing the keyboard layout and stuff).
> Sorry if this issue has already been addressed else were and thanks in advance 
> for you time. Keep up the good work.
> --
> live strong

Does it help if you create a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file with the following line:

gtk-icon-theme-name = "gnome"

You may also want to change the default theme and font:
gtk-font-name = "Sans 10"
gtk-theme-name =  "Clearlooks"


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