Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Stock interface icons & gnome-settings-daemon

Presumably reducing dependency on other Gnome components would make RB easier to port to windows as well...

On 5/6/06, Dominick Sidiropoulos <ksidirop csd uoc gr> wrote:
Hello everyone. First of all thumbs up for offering to the community
this awesome piece of work. Rhythmbox really rocks. I'ld like to ask
something about stock icons of the interface (stock_shuffle,
stock_repeat, stock_playlist, stock_smart-playlist,
stock_music-library): For those of us running rhythmbox outside the
content of the gnome-desktop (here: windowmaker) there is the need to
initialize gnome-settings-daemon first, to get these part of the
interface to appear. Would it be possible to have some standard icons
for these parts of the interface to be used as fall-backs when the
gnome-settings-daemon is not running? If this would result in code-bloat
I understand (Keeping a clean design comes first). But if you could do
anything to address this it would help a lot of people cause running
gnome-settings-daemon causes all sorts of side-effects (like changing
the keyboard layout and stuff).

Sorry if this issue has already been addressed else were and thanks in
advance for you time. Keep up the good work.

live strong

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