Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Audioscrobbler integration

On Fri, 2006-05-05 at 13:35 -0400, Matt wrote:
>     I'm glad you think it would be a good idea.  Looking through last
> exit's code (which is in c sharp, so I can't just modify it), it seems
> like a simple matter of sending a handshake to the server, getting a
> session ID, and then requesting station URLs.

That's basically what you need to do for playback. Handling metadata is
"interesting" since doesn't use the usual Icecast method, just
sends a "SYNC" signal in-band which we need to detect and then lookup a
web page in response to (see liblast-exit/player.c).

>     If you're familiar with how Rhythmbox is put together, I'm having a
> great deal of difficulty finding my way through the code.  I also have
> very little knowledge of C, though I have a background in programming.
> Basically, I was hoping I could find someone to collaborate with, though
> I'm still going to try if nobody wants to.

If you need any help, or don't understand how everything fits together,
or want to generally chat about RB stuff feel free to stop by the
#rhythmbox channel on and ask.

You can also write plugins in Python (if you know that). There are
currently some things that python plugins can't do, but it's usually
fairly easy to fix that if we know someone needs a particular piece of


James "Doc" Livingston
You can lead an idiot to knowledge but you cannot make him think. You
can, however, rectally insert the information, printed on stone tablets,
using a sharpened poker. -- Nicolai in ASR

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