Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Audioscrobbler integration

    I'm glad you think it would be a good idea.  Looking through last
exit's code (which is in c sharp, so I can't just modify it), it seems
like a simple matter of sending a handshake to the server, getting a
session ID, and then requesting station URLs.
    If you're familiar with how Rhythmbox is put together, I'm having a
great deal of difficulty finding my way through the code.  I also have
very little knowledge of C, though I have a background in programming.

Basically, I was hoping I could find someone to collaborate with, though
I'm still going to try if nobody wants to.

Joel Dimbernat wrote:
> Hi Matt and Jamshed,
> you're right Jamshed, there's already support for audioscrobbler in
> Rhythmbox, but it lacks an important part: Rhythmbox can't play lastfm's
> radios (like your neighbour radio).
> The name of Last Exit has been metionned, it's written in C/GTK, so it
> could
> be a good inspiration for implementing this feature in RB.
> could be integrated in the radio source with some work on the
> gui of
> the "Add a new internet radio" dialog.
> Joel
> 2006/5/5, Jamshed Kakar <jkakar kakar ca>:
>> Hi Matt,
>> > I've seen a few messages about Audioscrobbler integration for RB, and
>> > it's something I think would be a really good feature.  I also think
>> > that it wouldn't take too much addition to make work.
>> Audioscrobbler support is already available.  I'm using it with
>> Rhythmbox 0.9.3 running on Ubuntu Dapper.  Fire it up,
>> Edit->Preferences->Audioscrobbler, enter your authentication details and
>> it Just Works(tm).
>> Thanks,
>> J.
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