Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Art Plugin

>>>>> "GL" == Gawain Lynch  writes:

>> But aren't "Volumes" separate Albums, too? Like for "Café del Mar,
>> Volumen 1" there's a different artwork than "Café del Mar, Volumen
>> 2".

GL> Yes, but if I have ripped it and named it "Volume 2" but the
GL> database has it listed as "Vol. 2" I won't get the album art.

The most robust and exhaustive way to deal with might be:

1. If an exact match is found, use that.

2. Flag any album that ends with a variant of "volume", i.e. with a
   regular expression resembling:

   [Vv]ol\(.|ume\)? ?[0-9]+$

That would catch:

Volume 2
Vol 2
Vol. 2

Note: "volume X" must be the last part of the string to avoid false
positive matches.

3. Substitute the original pattern for each of the possible variants
   and search the db for that (new) pattern.

e.g. as in the example above, you originally had "Volume 2", you would
try substituting "Vol 2", then "Vol. 2", etc.  Likewise if you had
originally had "Vol. 2" and it didn't match exactly, you would try
"Volume 2".

4. Take the first hit that works. ("Vol. 2" in the above example).

It's not pretty, but that's tagging for you.  Ideally every CD would
have a unique MusicBrainz ID and associated cover art.


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