[Rhythmbox-devel] Queue ideas

Hello everyone,

I tried the Rhythmbox 0.9.5 release, it is nice, good work. :)
I had some few ideas for queueing and I'd would like to know what you
think of them before filing some wishlist bugs:

* Queuing radio channels:

  Sometimes I feel like..  ok, after these tracks, let's just tune in
  to some radio.  I think this would work well.  If the channel stops
  broadcasting or I press next, normal operation resumes.

* Queuing a playback stop:

  I have not thought about how this can work UI-wise or if it should be
  possible even.  But I sometimes would like to insert a pause or just a
  stop.  I do this now by typing rubbish in the search field so that the
  playlist/library yields an empty list and RB stops playing.  I even
  see other people doing this :), it can't be the right way.

* Queuing a playlist:

  This is the weirdest of the three suggestions.  This is probably
  because it would involve dragging an item of the left-hand side of
  Rhythmbox into a the queue which is maybe not so obvious.  Besides
  these issues, I think it is useful if you can queue the playback of
  some playlist.  Now I always have to interrupt a track because I
  doubleclick on some list to start it.  Once a playlist is started, I
  also can not say what has to happen after the playlist is finished. 
  If playlists can be queued, this can be controlled.


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