Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] MTP support to rhythmbox

Hi again,

I've now a new version of the patch. It's attached to the following bug. . The big news is that
you now can run it as a ordinary user (see comment in bug) and that it
now uses hal to detect devices.

On Fri, 2006-06-16 at 09:53 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 01:35:08PM +0200, Peter Grundström wrote:
> I haven't looked at the code in detail yet, but I've got a few comments
> on your TODO list.
> > What it doesn't do / TODO:
> > 
> > * You cant play the songs on the device. (the device never gets mounted,
> > you only access it through the library libmtp.)
> There are two ways to solve this: write GStreamer source and sink
> elements, or write a gnome-vfs module.  You wouldn't strictly need a
> GStreamer sink element, but it'd let you use GStreamer to transcode
> files for the device.  I think GStreamer elements would be easier to
> write.  From briefly looking at the libmtp API, I think this would be
> possible, but it'd be a bit hackish.

If anyone has any documentation or example code on how to do something
like this. It would be very helpful.  

> > * you have to run rhythmbox as root, since the libmtp requires
> > root-privileges to access the device through libusb. This should
> > probably be fixed with something like a udev-rule (in libmtp i presume).
> > 
> > * the device has to be attached when you start rhythmbox, and the only
> > way to detach it is to close rhythmbox.
> We should have RBRemovableMediaManager emit a signal when it scans
> devices, so plugins can perform their own scanning.  This would at least
> make the device show up when you use the 'Scan Removable Media' menu
> item.  Maybe there's a way to get HAL to notify rhythmbox when this sort
> of device is attached or detached.

Fixed now.

> > * I was working with that last thing, but I couldn't get the popup to
> > work, it only says "Couldn't get menu widget for /MTPSourcePopup".
> > Someone who is more experienced with rhythmbox maybe can figure out why.
> Are you sure it's loading the UI file correctly?  The code looks OK.
> > * It is a little delay when you close rythmbox which makes rhythmbox
> > look like it hanged, and the "rhythmbox does not respond" dialog
> > appears. No idea how to fix that.
> Do you know where this delay is being introduced?  Adding some rb_debug
> output and running 'rhythmbox -D mtp' would help track it down.
> Thanks for your work on this so far.  Hopefully we can get this finished
> up and integrated into the next release after we get 0.9.5 out.
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