[Rhythmbox-devel] resume partial podcast downloads (was Re: Feature Request)

>>>>> "RSG" == R S Gill  writes:

RSG> Can you guys please include a way to redownload a
RSG> podcast. Sometimes when the connection times out, the only
RSG> recourse is to manually download the podcast in question directly
RSG> from the website via Firefox.

RSG> Having Rhythmbox lose all awarness of podcasts that have been
RSG> deleted just doesn't cut it. At the very least it should be have
RSG> like iTunes and redownload the episode list if not the actual
RSG> episodes again.

It's a known issue:


The problem is not so much rhythmbox, but that gnome-vfs should really
support resume (or otherwise would have to write custom code in
rhythmbox to support what should really be support in gnome-vfs).


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