Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] svg icon for rhythmbox

On 6/2/06, William Jon McCann <mccann jhu edu> wrote:
> I strongly prefer the first one since it is more specific to the
> rhythm_box_ thing, and because rhythmbox has nearly nothing to do with
> CD's: it's a MP3/Ogg library and player.

I prefer the first one too.

I'm not sure why you think that rhythmbox has nearly nothing to do with
CDs.  It plays them, rips them, and burns them...

Yes, but it's not rhythmbox's primary function. It's going to be a
plugin IIRC.  And the first is simpler, just one thing instead of two
in the second.

I think the fact that rhythmbox has or will become the default handler
for CD audio is a compelling reason to include a CD in the logo.

I think it's totem that will become a default handler for anything
playable, not rhythmbox.

Bi Cờ Lao

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