[Rhythmbox-devel] debian/ubuntu packaging

forgive me if this isn't the place to ask this. i'm jsut looking for
some help.

i'm interested in building a debian package (rather, ubuntu 6.06) of
rhythmbox cvs. i've been running cvs, and doing almost daily build as of
late, and would really like to have packages to show friends etc. 

however, i really don't have any packaging experiance to speak of. i've
been looing around at guide but thus far havn't gotten very far.

once again, i basically just want to package from cvs, no special
patches or anything (well, maybe use --enable-track-transfers and
--enable-tag-writing for ./configure)

if anyone has any help to offer/guides to read/tips, it would be great.

Matthew Nicholson <sjoeboo sjoeboo com>

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