Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] What makes Rhythmbox 0.9.3? =)

> The problem being that we don't really have "stable releases" and
> "developer releases" at the moment. Technically we are calling them
> "developer releases", however the actual stable branch (0.8) is
> unmaintained, deprecated, and we suggest people use 0.9.x release
> instead.

I see.

I am trying to think of advantages and disadvantages using the Gnome
model and the "one branch model".

Would there from a developers point of view be any extra work using
the Gnome model? E.g. maintenance of two branches?

I assume following the Gnome model would mean new features twice a
year for the end users. But I am not sure that is much different from
how it works now?

I wouldn't be surprised if many users just use the version of
Rhythmbox that comes with their distribution. So these users wouldn't
even notice the change=)

Do you have the same feeling about that?

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