[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: using a password with daap

>>>>> "JL" == James Livingston  writes:

JL> On Sat, 2006-01-21 at 10:32 +0100, Alexander Jede wrote:
>> I have just installed Rhythmbox 0.9.2 with the DAAP support.  In my
>> LAN I have a DAAP-Server running. To protect it of not allowed
>> access, it is password protected.  But rhythmbox don't give me the
>> option to enter a password.  Does rhythmbox not support passwords
>> on DAAP?

JL> Rhythmbox should be able to connect to password protected
JL> shares. What program is running the daap server? I'm not sure if
JL> anyone has tested connecting to a password protected non-iTunes
JL> server, possibly RB or the server do something slightly
JL> differently and it isn't working quite right.

I think he means setting up RB's DAAP exports with password
protection, hence my posting of the link to that bugzilla enhancement


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