Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: UI suggestion for 2 (3) bugs with mock up

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 23:11 -0800, Michael Knepher wrote:
> For a simple string search, like firefox's or epiphany's, the simple
> widget at the bottom generally works reasonably well - with only one
> input, you don't need to be focused on the search widget. For rhythmbox,
> however, I'd rather see something more like the new nautilus search
> function[1], which allows for more complex queries (which of course
> would then be saved as automatic playlists). The UI for something like
> this would be more efficient at the top. At any rate, top or bottom, I
> think the search ui widget should be the same width as the library
> pane.[2]
> [1]

This has reminded me of something Jonathan Matthew and I discussed quite
a few months ago: using an inline editor for automatic playlists.

Currently you have to a menu (File->Playlists or the context menu) to
open up a criteria editor dialog.

Instead, there would be an extra disclosure widget called "Criteria"
above (or below) of the track list for automatic playlists. When used,
it would contain the criteria editing bits that are currently in the

It would look basically like that nautilus screenshot. What does
everything think of this idea?

> However, the bug reporter does raise an important point
> that I'm not sure has been addressed: the context menu of the
> notification applet is a difference interface than the toolbar. To go
> back to the previous song with the toolbar, one only needs to click
> twice on the "previous" button. This is impossible to do with the
> applet. Then again, if the behavior is changed to "go back to previous
> song" (which the label certainly indicates as its behavior), it's just
> as hard to go back two songs using the menu, and you now have to click
> two different buttons just to restart a track. 

If the applet's Previous item behaved the same as the main button (seek
unless at the start of the track) it would be virtually impossible to
use. If you did want to go to the previous track, you would need to move
your cursor back to the icon, right click, move the cursor and then left
click, within 3 three second of originally doing it.

Perhaps what we need is to have two buttons: Previous and "Rewind".


James "Doc" Livingston
Things have never been the same since my arch enemy, due to a slight
clerical error, put a price on my shed.

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