[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: IPOD write support

>>>>> "FB" == Fabio Berta  writes:

FB> Hi Just wanted to ask, if there is anyone working on integration
FB> of ipod write support in rhythmbox? I mean it should be easily
FB> possible with libgpod, or am I wrong here?

There is some support for support to iPod, AFAIK, but needs to be
enabled at compile-time, see:


It looks like full sync and write support is still on the TODO list
and there is an open RFE for it at bugzilla:


There are also several other open bugs for sync support on bugzilla,
you can search for them using this URL:


Maybe one of the rhythmbox developers has some more information on the
exact status of the iPod support beyond what is in that README.iPod


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