Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] links to external sites, e.g. (was Re: UI Improvements)

2006/2/15, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net>:
>>>>> "LH" == Lex Hider  writes:

>> 1) The highlighed links in RB that open up a page to I
>> think this is unnecessary, rarely used or wanted. I think a better
>> option would to be to center on the artist, album in the browser or
>> center the current song if a playlist.

LH> I think that is a great suggestion. I have filed a bug regarding
LH> this:

I disagree that it's rarely used or wanted, I like having external
links to artists, especially for artists I'm not familar with
(e.g. when listening to somebody else's DAAP server).  I think it's a
feature that rhythmbox has over iTunes.

And I don't think I'm the only one who uses it.  However there are
other possible sites which are better: bug #324178 suggests Google
Music search and it used to link to which was pretty
good.  There are also a myriad of other ways to Browse a whole album,
but only one way to access external links.

That said, it could be possible to have the link have serve multiple
purposes (choose from centering behaviour described, Google music,
Allmusic, upon first click, which it then remembers).  It
could get a bit hairy to maintain, however.

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Maybe rhythmbox should integrate his own browser, in a tab or maybe like a new "source", because i hate to have rhythmbox opening my web browser.

Let's imagine you have a new source called "artist/album info", you click on it, and you get the page corresponding to the artist/album played in place of the playlist or library.
I think it's possible to do it with gtkmozembed and with a simple toolbar like << prev [] stop next >> to navigate through the web site.

If the memory usage doesn't get overbloated, it may be a good compromise between these two systems.


(PS: sorry alex for double posting)

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