[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: links to external sites,e.g. last.fm

>>>>> "JL" == James Livingston  writes:

JL> On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 01:18 -0800, Alex Lancaster wrote:
>> That said, it could be possible to have the link have serve
>> multiple purposes (choose from centering behaviour described,
>> Google music, Allmusic, last.fm upon first click, which it then
>> remembers).  It could get a bit hairy to maintain, however.

JL> Personally, what I think it should do is pop up an "Artist
JL> Information" window. The window could have a "Browser this Artist"
JL> button and links to several different sites.

JL> It could potentially have: * a list of favourite tracks by this
JL> artist * a list of their albums * statistics about what the
JL> average rating of the artists tracks are * what rank the artist
JL> is, in terms of how often you listen to them * an "Album
JL> Information" window could also display cover art * anything that a
JL> plugin wants

I think that sounds like an *excellent* idea. 

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