[Rhythmbox-devel] [Alex Lancaster] Re: UI Improvements

>>>>> "JS" == Joel Stanley  writes:

JS> Hello, Long time lurker on the list, and rhythmbox user for the
JS> past year.

JS> On 2/9/06, James Livingston <doclivingston gmail com> wrote:
> once we get id3 tag editing working with gstreamer 0.10.

JS> What exactly needs to be done in this respect? I would be
JS> interested, even happy, to help out in this area if I know what
JS> could be done to help.

JS> I have moderate programming skills, but I like solving problems,
JS> so I believe I have something to offer. Where shall I start
JS> reading? Is there any code from other projects we could have a
JS> look at, to get the ball rolling? Is that even an acceptable thing
JS> do it in OSS, to poach someone else's code?

Some of the issues are possibly in gstreamer, some in rhythmbox, start
by looking at these bugs:


(which applies to gstreamer 0.8, probably a bug in the id3tag plugin
in gstreamer 0.8) 

and this bug (towards the end), it has a  patch for enabling id3mux
and id3demux plugins for gstreamer 0.10, but it hasn't been committed
because there may be problems with the id3mux in gstreamer 0.10:


I'm not a rhythmbox-developer (so James may need to correct me on my
interpretation of the issues here), but I'm a regular
tester/bug-reporter/occasional patch contributor and I've been
following this issue for a while.


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