Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] odd music import bug

On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 10:36:01AM -0600, Brendan Martens wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone knows about this, before I post a new bug...
> If I remove a track, or several, from RB, then edit the file or metadata
> information for them, then proceed to attempt to re-add them to the
> library, they do not immediately show up. I find that sometimes they'll
> come in after a reboot, etc. It is very frustrating when I tell it to
> import some tracks, and it does seemingly nothing. At least a dialogue
> of some sort saying why they could not be imported right now would be
> nice.

Is there a reason you're doing things this way?  There's no need to
remove the tracks from RB before changing the tags.  As long as the file
modification timestamp is changed, the file will be re-imported within a
couple of seconds (if you have file monitoring enabled) or next time you
start rhythmbox (otherwise).

If there's a problem importing the tracks after you've edited the tags,
they'll be added to an 'import errors' source under the library source.
This probably isn't what's happening, though, because import errors are
practically never transient.  It's unlikely that the initial attempt to
import them would fail, but a later attempt would succeed.

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