Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Of MagnaTune and Money

Matt wrote:
I'm all for the gnome or FS foundations.  I think doing anything other
than donating it would be unduly complicated.

I'm just an RB user - and donating to one of those bodies sounds fine.

On the other hand, my first idea was you should spend (some) of the money buying or subsidising purchase of common mp3 players (e.g. recent ipods?) in order to improve their support and integration.

e.g. reading and writing tracks (including transcoding when required), support of album art on the player, pulling track play/rating statistics from the player (e.g. for submission to

If you want to avoid any one developer ending up with a free player, you could agree to sell the item on ebay afterwards (returning the money to the pool).

Or, you might want to do this in a "pass the parcel" style in order to benefit as many projects as possible: say two month loans to in turn to Amarok, Rhythmbox, Gnome desktop integration, etc.

This does all depend on there being some suitably motivated (existing) developers, who could be trusted not to just walk off with their "free ipod" never to be heard of again.

In whatever way this idea is handled, it would be more complicated that just making a donation to the FSF (or other body), but the benefits are more immediate and focussed.


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