[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox specific themeable icons

Hi everyone, 

if you are following the development of next stable GNOME Desktop
release, you already know that was suggested a way to provide themable
app-specific icon.

In the past, we tried to put all icons needed by applications in
gnome-icon-theme. This approach is not so good, so currently we are
trying a different approach: provide generic named icon defined by Icon
Naming Spec[1] with gnome-icon-theme[1] and let application install
their own icons.

Of course keeping icons consistent withing the Desktop Environments and
allowing people to customize theme.

The consisted and polished look will be  using Tango style
guidelines[2], the customization installing and using icons in a proper

In the next weeks, I'll try to update rhythmbox code to use app-specific
themeable icons. Andreas Nilsson will provide new and fresh icons. Of
course by now we are working on apps included in GNOME Desktop, so this
task could need more time.

I'll open a tracking bug on bugzilla, by now here is a list of probable
named icons to add:

      * apps/rhythmbox
      * places/playlist
      * places/playlist-automatic
      * places/music-library
      * places/radio-stations
      * places/podcast-feeds
      * places/music-share
      * places/play-queue
      * actions/playlist-new
      * actions/playlist-automatic-new
      * actions/radio-station-new
      * actions/podcast-feed-new
      * actions/import-file
      * actions/import-folder
      * actions/view-browser
      * actions/love-song (last.fm)
      * actions/ban-song  (last.fm)
      * actions/skip-song (last.fm)

In this list, the first word is the icon context as defined in [1], the
second word is the named icon name as defined in [1] (no, it isn't a
typo, see section 3 and 4 of [1]).

I don't know if those names are good, it's just a draft to list needed
stuff: for example, 'cause library is more generic then music if you
have different kinds of library, we could use "library-music",
"library-podcasts" and "library-radios" (this could be good if Rhythmbox
will switch to a treeview in side pane).

As well as I don't know if we really need them all (provide too much
icons is bad). And of course I could forgot something.

I hope we can finish this before the 1.0 release :-)

Cheers, Luca.

[1] http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-naming-spec/icon-naming-spec-latest.html
[2] http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Theme_Guidelines
[3] http://live.gnome.org/ThemableAppIcons

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