[Rhythmbox-devel] Copying audio CD's could possibly be more user friendly

Hi, I'm Rob van der Linde, I'm new to this list... I'm a developer
myself, doing bits and pieces myself to help with Open Source where I


I have setup a few people with Ubuntu Linux, most of these people are
not exactly computer savvy.

One of these people used to use a slightly older version of Rhythmbox in
Ubuntu Dapper, and when she wanted to copy a CD, Rhythmbox used to
launch Sound Juicer, she had no problems editing the album/artist/genre
information before she hit the extract button with Sound Juicer...

Now that I've upgraded her to Ubuntu Edgy, which comes with Rhythmbox
0.9.6, which has a built-in CD extraction tool. The extraction tool
works no problem, but it wasn't exactly the most user friendly in the
world for the average computer user to edit artist/album/genre
information just before the extract button was hit, not as easy as it
was with Sound Juicer anyway.

The current process with Rhythmbox 0.9.6 would be:

Insert CD
Start Rhythmbox
Click on CD on the left
A list of track shows
User has to press Ctrl+A to select all tracks
Right click when all tracks are selected and click properties
Change artist/album/genre
Hit the copy button.

Now the step that I though was a bit too difficult for the average user
is the fact that the user has to press Ctrl+A to select all tracks,
right click to bring up a context menu, then change the artist/album

There must be a better solution, without having to use the Ctrl+A key on
the keyboard, or even having to right click.

Would it be possible to add a few GtkEntry fields for artist/album/genre
just above the tracklist before you copy a CD, and when you type an
album/artist/genre in these GtkEntry fields, maybe even update the
tracklist display on-the-fly to reflect what you type. That way, the
user does not have to use the keyboard method mentioned above.

It's just an idea, maybe there is a better solution?

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