Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Pre-release

>>>>> "MJ" == Martin Jeppesen  writes:

MJ> I checked out the cvs for some time ago, it had a Totem progress
MJ> bar patch applied. This seams to changed back to normal?

It was reverted because it means that the progress bar was too small
to display text inside it (displayed when ripping a CD or transferring
from DAAP), see the discussion on the relevant bug:

MJ> For some reason does the progress bar never stop sliding even when
MJ> all the music files are scaned. Have there been made changes to to
MJ> database format, so I have to delete the old database?

I sometimes see that progress bar continues for a short time after the
scanning is done, but it eventually does disappear if you start doing
something like selecting a playlist.


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