Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [bmpx] Re: Proposal for a common D-Bus interface for media players

Well the VLC wiki is blocked, but both bmpx wiki and xmms2 wiki are open; you can set it up on the XMMS2 one but please allow at least the app authors to edit it themselves (it can be also installed on the BMPx wiki in which case i'll make sure that the relevant people get _direct_ access to edit data wrt their app).

As for a mailing list i think we could continue it on mpris-devel beep-media-player org (the list doesn't exist yet, but i'll ask for setting it up tomorrow), and for now i'd propose to

---everyone (!)---

to continue it for now on vlc-devel videolan org

If anyone has a better place to propose please propose.

On 12/6/06, Sham Chukoury <eleusis xmms org> wrote:
Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> Can you wiki-fy the table and make it editable (perhaps only on request
> and only for people you approve for, well, namely the media player
> developers or the players listed there at the least, so we can quickly
> amend it, etc.. ?

Sounds good, but which wiki should I use? :) While we're at it, should a new
mailing list be set up to discuss this, instead of having to CC 7 different
lists? :D Or maybe we could move the discussion to one of the existing lists..


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