[Rhythmbox-devel] Writing to iPod

I have a new iPod shuffle (the clip kind, I think it's considered a sixth
generation iPod). I can successfully transfer mp3s to it using gtkpod (though
it's not very intuitive), but for
the life of me I can't figure out how to do it with Rhythmbox.

I'm using rhythmbox 9.6 (Fedora Development rpm: rhythmbox-0.9.6-3.fc7). rb
9.6 is supposed to have ipod writing on by default so I've looked at the rpm
spec file and it configures the build as so:

%configure \
        --with-ipod \
        --with-dbus \
        --with-mdns=avahi \
        --disable-scrollkeeper \

So that should all that's needed to copy tracks to an iPod, correct? So, what
am I missing? I've tried dragging artists, albums and highlighted tracks to
the iPod icon in the left panel, but the dragged icon just retreats back to
its origin. I've tried Edit-> Copy but Paste is deactivated when I then select
the iPod. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible that iPod writing is not
turned on for this rpm version of rb? Is there an easy way for me to check that?

Thank you,


Jason Bodnar
jason shakabuku org

UnWired Buyer. The best way to win on eBay. Period.

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