Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] current cvs awesomeness

Ð ÑÑ, 2006-04-27 Ð 18:16 -0400, Matthew Nicholson ÐÐÐÐÑÐ:
> i jsut got it built, and need to go look at the code to poke around etc.
> i know that the plugin fetches from amazon, and i know the "doc" had put
> in support for grabbing images from some thing like .cover.jog (or
> something to the effect, is there any support in teh works for other
> files to be used?

The original proof-of-concept patch looked for "cover.jpg" in the same
directory as the track, but the current version doesn't.

> such as .cover.png/jpg .album.png/jpg or .directory.png/jpg ?
> i know those are some "common" methods. also, what about images in the
> id3 tag? anyone planning support?

Bug 339704 is about adding support to GStreamer for reading image tags.
There is some discussion about technical details, such as whether to
report the "picture type" that ID3 stores. Once GStreamer supports it,
we can probably add it to the art framework.

On 4/28/06, ÐÐÐÑÐÑ ÐÐÐÑÑÐÑÐÐ <vkojouharov gmail com> wrote: 
> i'm not sure the art plugin actually looks in the current directory for
> any files, even though looking for /(?i)cover.\w{3}/ would be nice

I've had some ideas for how to fit all the different art source together
floating around for a while, and I'm hoping to have a play around with
it this weekend.

If my idea works, it should be fairly easy to plug the stuff that
everyone has been working on (Amazon lookup, etc) into it.

On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 13:40 +0100, Marc O'Morain wrote: 
> Windows Media Player opts creates 2 files:
> AlbumArt_{C1EF4A0A-3284-417F-AF13-CB86D9474582}_Large.jpg
> AlbumArt_{C1EF4A0A-3284-417F-AF13-CB86D9474582}_Small.jpg
> The string between the {} braces seems to be a hash that uniquly
> identifies the album. It would be nice if Rythmbox could search for
> either of these files also. My music is on a Samba share, and I used
> Windows Media Player to grab all the album art for my Music.

I don't suppose anyone knows how those hashes are generated, or of a
site that describes it?


James "Doc" Livingston
Actually, we have scientifically determined that Heisenberg did indeed
sleep exactly here. However, we have no idea whatsoever just how fast
asleep he was. -- Dave Aronson in asr.

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