[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: AudioCD patch (was problems with the latest cvs)

> 3) Metadata (MusicBrainz) lookup
> Sometime soonish Ross Burton (SoundJuicer maintainer) is planning to
> split the metadata lookup code out into a separate library, that SJ, RB,
> Totem and other things can use.
> Once the first two are done, there are two choices on what to do until
> that library appears:
> a) not have metadata lookup in cvs, or
> b) put the SJ files in cvs, and remove them once the library appears.

Not sure how similar but maybe the totem playlist stuff could be
broken out into the same library as well.

Looking forward to when ever you get the time, knowing how well how
hard it is to get time to do stuff...


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