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I would prefer file too. Media was tought as a "soft" change. But if everyone agrees  file would fit perfectly.



On 9/22/05, John Drouhard <jdrouhard myrealbox com> wrote:
On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 14:56:30 -0300
Marcelo Oliveira <handful gmail com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm working with Renato on the podcast support (mainly I will be
> looking / evaluating / testing the UI ) and I will try to contribute
> as much as possible.
> First consideration :
> When first viewed the Podcast source shows all feeds, but there
> doesn't
> > appear to be any way to go back to viewing all of them. Is that
> > intentional?
> No, it just passed =). We going to make it behave just like the normal
> Rhythm list / browser :
> - an ALL option will list all podcasts from all registered feeds
> - You will be able to selec multiple feeds that you want to hear.
> Is there any reason for adding more of our own art, rather than using
> No at all, we placed only for marking out that there's no icon on the
> default theme to fit them. and the GTK_STOCK breaks the look'n fell.
> We would be nice to have the icons matching the RB default LF, but if
> not, we will place the GTK_sTOCK ones.
> Another consideration I would like to point is :
> The Music menu ( in the main toolbar ) is becoming a little more them
> music with the podcasting. Is it possible to change it to "Media" or
> other word that could fill out all the things that the user can
> listen to in RB? like : not all podcast are categorized under "music"
> they are just audio posts. If this is not possible another
> possibility would be to create or place the podcast menu under other
> category.
> I prefer the first one.

Or call it "File" and follow Gnome's HIG. :-P

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