Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] new podcast patch

On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 14:56 -0300, Marcelo Oliveira wrote:
> I'm working with Renato on the podcast support (mainly I will be
> looking / evaluating / testing the UI ) and I will try to contribute
> as much as possible.
> First consideration : 
>         When first viewed the Podcast source shows all feeds, but
>         there doesn't appear to be any way to go back to viewing all
>         of them. Is that intentional?
> No, it just passed =). We going to make it behave just like the normal
> Rhythm list / browser :

No worries then.

>         Is there any reason for adding more of our own art, rather
>         than using GTK_STOCK_YES and GTK_STOCK_NO?
> No at all, we placed only for marking out that there's no icon on the
> default theme to fit them. and the GTK_STOCK breaks the look'n fell.
> We would be nice to have the icons matching the RB default LF, but if
> not, we will place the GTK_sTOCK ones.

After switching back to the default theme to check, I'd have to agree
that the default icons don't look great. The reason I actually noticed,
was that in my normal icon theme the icons very similar to that art you
have - but the stylistic and colouring differences made it look out of

If we make some of the changes suggested in the "bluecurve icons" thread
and move over to using stock icons where possible, the stock YES and NO
might fit in better.

On a related note: if we wanted to use a stock icon for the podcast
source, gnome-fs-web or stock_internet would probably work. That said, I
really like the "clearlooks" podcast icon.

> Another consideration I would like to point is :
> The Music menu ( in the main toolbar ) is becoming a little more them
> music with the podcasting. Is it possible to change it to "Media" or
> other word that could fill out all the things that the user can listen
> to in RB? like : not all podcast are categorized under "music" they
> are just audio posts. If this is not possible another possibility
> would be to create or place the podcast menu under other category. is "menu
reorganisation", which included changing the name to "File". Changing
the name sound fine to me; Alt-F is used for anything at the moment, so
the keybinding won't be a problem.


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