[Rhythmbox-devel] Physically delete files / Delete files from disk

Hi guys,

First of all, great work. I hate to send an email about something that I
know must have come up over and over but I have searched your archives
and googled it and all I can find are people saying how good it would be
if Rhythmbox had it. So, after much searching, can someone please answer:

Is Rhythmbox planning to add a 'Physically delete file' option into the
context menus etc.? If so, is it a simple thing that is expected soon?
Is it a simple thing that no-one has the time for and someone has to
bounty? Is it a difficult thing because G-Streamer does not handle it well?

Sorry to ask - I really did try to find the answer for myself.

(I am not on the list so please CC me in)


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