Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Physically delete files / Delete files from disk

On 9/19/05, Aaron Whitehouse <lists whitehouse org nz> wrote:
> Is Rhythmbox planning to add a 'Physically delete file' option into the
> context menus etc.? If so, is it a simple thing that is expected soon?
> Is it a simple thing that no-one has the time for and someone has to
> bounty? Is it a difficult thing because G-Streamer does not handle it well?
I had a more crazier idea: make a nautilus extension to show rhythmbox
music library from nautiilus :D the directory struct would be
artists/albums/genre as rhythmbox uses now. You can't add new songs
through this interface but can copy/delete from this.
Bi Cá Lao

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