Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] bluecurve icons

Il giorno ven, 16/09/2005 alle 19.18 +0200, Jaap Haitsma ha scritto:
> Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 13:51 +0200, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> > 

> In my opinion the default should definitely be the GNOME icons.


> Jakub, isn't possible to just make rhythmbox completely themeable by 
> inserting the art in gnome-icon-theme??

A lot of icons are yet in gnome-icon-theme in {16x16,24x24}/stock/media
(BTW I'm sure some of those was added just for Rhythmbox) and other
places. Here is the (complete?) list

rb-library		-> stock_music-library
rb-audiocd		-> gnome-dev-cdrom-audio
rb-ipod			-> gnome-dev-ipod
rb-iradio		-> stock_channel (stock/net)
rb-automatic-playlist	-> stock_smart-playlist
rb-playlis		-> stock_playlist
rb-repeat		-> stock_repeat
rb-shuffle		-> stock_shuffle
rb-volume*		-> stock_volume*

Plus, of course, GTK+ media stock added in 2.6 and available also in
stock/media directory

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