Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] patch for search entry

Looks very promising. I would also add a search for the filepath, so
that only the ogg files are selected or only the files in directory foo,
for instance. (which unfortunately doesn't work witht the current

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 17:18 -0400, Charles Schmidt wrote:
> -
> Hello,
> Attached is a patch against CVS for the search entry that does two
> things:
> * Adds an icon that when pressed drops down a menu, allowing you to
> select what to search (All, Artists, Albums, Songs).  The code that
> would make the selection actually work has not been written yet, I
> thought it better to get comments on this before I spend time doing
> that.
> * Adds and icon that when pressed clears the search entry ("clear
> button")
> You can see the new search entry here:
> To get the effect of the icons in the entry, I've borrowed epiphany's
> ephy-icon-entry widget.  
> This is a request for comments & suggestions regarding this patch.  I
> think these would be nice features, but I understand there has been some
> debate in the past about a clear button, perhaps this new way (as
> opposed to a large GtkButton) sovles it?
> If there is a positive response, I'll go ahead and tie in the search
> type so that your selection actually works, and commit it (with walters'
> approval, of course).
> Thanks,
> -charlie
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