Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] patch #5 (Was: Re: patch #4)

I'm having trouble using the patch on my Ubuntu Breezy installation.
I'm using CVS HEAD from 2005-08-26 as never versions fail applying the patch.
I installed howl0 and howl-dev and when I start rhythmbox I get:
"Unable to browse for remote shares. Could not start browsing for
music servers on your network..." and in the terminal I get
[assert] error: 111 (Connection refused)
[assert] where: "socket.c:, "sw_socket_tcp_connect", line: 720

(rhythmbox:5470): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Error starting mDNS discovery

(rhythmbox:5470): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to notify network of
music sharing

Am I supposed to configure howl in some way?

Regards, Gunnar Steinn

2005/8/26, Charles Schmidt <cschmidt2 emich edu>:
> -
> Yet another music sharing patch.  This one addresses the most recent
> things that have been changed in CVS, so it should compile cleanly.  It
> also implements its own GStreamer source.  So you don't need the
> GStreamer gnomevfssrc patch I've linked to before - so it should be
> easier for people to try out, not needing to recompile GStreamer stuff.
> Its against CVS, and almost certainly won't work against any of the 0.9
> tarball releases.
> Give it a try and let me know.  Unless anything crops up before I get a
> CVS account, this is what I'll commit when I do.
> Thanks,
> -charlie
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