[Rhythmbox-devel] libgda questions

Hi, i follow rhythmbox from 2004 and i find it nice, anyway, i've got some problems when enabling libgda backend in 0.9 release, the code that is supposed to handle db connection seems to be stopped with 0.8.8 rhythmdb semantic:

rhythmdb-gda.c:400: error: too many arguments to function `rhythmdb_entry_sync_mirrored'

and the other error is in rhythmdb_emit_entry_restored which seems to me to be no longer used.

since i started to look at it, is there a documentation about how db storing works in rhythmbox plus the .c and .h?

another problem is the sqllite backend which, i think, is the one used by rhythmbox

= Testing provider configuration API

** (gda-test:10577): WARNING **: Error: /usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-sqlite.so: undefined symbol: sqlite_complete
Provider = Berkeley-DB
location = /usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-bdb.so
description = Provider for Berkeley databases
gda_params = FILE (Database File) DATABASE (Database name)
Provider = XML
location = /usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-xml.so
description = XML provider, based on the libgda XML database format
gda_params = URI (File Name)
Provider = MySQL
location = /usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-mysql.so
description = Provider for MySQL databases

do you know something about this?

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