Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Initial rating of new songs


2005/10/25, James Livingston <jrl ids org au>:

>  So what do you think about setting the "2.5" value to "0" in
> rhythmdb.c?

Personally, I think that having them being "unrated" rather than rated
at 2.5 is more useful, especially since there is currently no way to
create a playlist of unrated songs. If we change this back, we probably need to do the following:

* make sure that play orders that use ratings treat 0 the same as 2.5
* make it so that you can create playlists based on being unrated
* be able to unrate songs

Is "2.5" saved in the database? I think it's replaced by "2" after a restart but I may be wrong.

With 0 as "unrated", even sorting/auto-playlists work:
- "Rating is at most 3" displays 3*, 2*, 1* and unrated(0*) songs, which is ok in my opinion
- You can easily adjust auto-playlists that used to play "at least 2*" songs (and thus new songs with 2.5*), only add a line "rating is 0".
- It would be nice if no stars (small stars) would be shown if rating=0
Maybe the small stars should generally only be shown on hover, I think iTunes and WMP do this.


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