Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New Podcast path

On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 09:19:27PM -0400, Ryan Skadberg wrote:
> That is not a valid RSS feed.
> I don't think the current code is very good at handling not valid feeds.

That feed works fine for me.

The 'ARQUIVO INVALIDO' message is printed out when
gnome_vfs_get_file_info fails, or the mime type of the file doesn't
contain 'xml' or 'rss' and the filename doesn't contain '.rss'. 
Apparently it's not even getting the mime type, so I think this is
actually a network problem.  There definitely needs to be a more
informative error message when that happens.

> On 10/21/05, Gawain Lynch <gawain lynch bigpond com> wrote:
> > I can open the xml file in firefox from said URL and the following
> > appears on stdout: "RENATO: ARQUIVO INVALIDO (null)". Which I suspect
> > as the patch comes from Renato, this is a reminder to himself :-)
> >

Gawain, can you check your proxy settings in gnome-network-preferences
(or gconf-editor) to make sure they match your firefox settings?

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