Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New Podcast path

Will this be included in 0.9.2?, are there any screenshots around?

Does it have the same functionality as iTunes, like if you stop playing it, and start playing something else, then you play the old one, it picks up at the time you left it?, is there a status bar for download like apple has? are they all neatly organized?. GTK allows for buttons in treewidgets, I believe.

Great work anyways, but please include it in main, all the patches never seem to make it..

Ryan Skadberg escribió:

Added data/art/rhythmbox-podcast.png too


On 10/20/05, *Ryan Skadberg* <skadz1 gmail com <mailto:skadz1 gmail com>> wrote:

    Since James seems to have left the IRC channel (and I assume went
    to bed or something), I added the 4 glade files to CVS.


On 10/20/05, *Kristian Berg * <kriberg tihlde org <mailto:kriberg tihlde org>> wrote:

fre, 21,.10.2005 kl. 03.41 +1100, skrev James Livingston:
I've commited podcast supprt to cvs, with a couple of minor
* add files to po/, and doc/references/
* make the sorting key be the same in the code and schema
* didn't include clearlooks art, because we don't use it anymore

        The file seems to be missing.

-- Kristian Berg

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