Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Monitoring DAAP usage

> > > My primary concern is that I am using this on a network with _lots_ of
> > > DAAP users. If loads of people listen to different songs on my machine
> > > won't that bring down performance?
> > One option I suppose it to add a option in the preferences to set the
> > max number of users or connections.
> That will add some complexity to the daap sharing code, because it
> currently doesn't track connections. I'm not saying that we couldn't do
> it, but it won't be trivial.

It was more a thought. I don't know how much of an issue it actually
is (the resource usage as opposed to the actually max connections). I
think we need to get some real world data to see whether its worth
spending the time. I suspect the fact it loads the whole file into
memory to send would send the resources through the roof if there's
lots of connections but it may be quicker/easier to implement an
incremental load as mentioned by Charles than connection management
but then I didn't code it so would be just guessing.


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