[Rhythmbox-devel] Monitoring DAAP usage

As you've probably gathered from Bugzilla, I'm making assiduous use of the
new DAAP features in Rhythmbox. All in all, they're a pretty good start.

You may have to forgive my ignorance, as I do not have detailed
knowledge of the workings of Howl/Avahi, but I have something of a 
difficulty with DAAP. Along with many other people, I like to share my 
music collection over DAAP on my local network. Obviously, when clients 
start listening to my music, they use resources on my computer.

Although they don't tend to clobber the machine too much, I wish I could
find a  way to monitor and (if possible) control how many people are
connected  at any one time.

I wondered at first if there might be a utility to do this through the 
Howl/Avahi frameworks but, strangely, I can't find one. I'd like to ask
the DAAP experts on this list whether there is way to monitor and control
DAAP usage more directly than through a network packet sniffer.

I would be especially surprised to find that there is no provision at all
for this in either Howl or Avahi, as presumably such a utility would have
further applications beyond DAAP.

Tom Kirby

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