Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Playing iTunes songs

> Thanks for the reply.  I'm using FC3, but I'm not too familiar with any
> of the administrative stuff.  I've mostly used 'yum' when I want
> something new, and I've tried this to get the newest gstreamer but still
> no luck.  Do you happen to know how to get these addons that you are
> talking about and how to install them?  I've not dealt with rpms much.
> Thanks again.

Should be as simple as doing the following:

rpm -ivh
yum install gstreamer-plugins-extra-audio

You can find the package list available at there are a number of pre-built
packages to add extra functionality such as various audio/video codecs
etc. Work out the name of the binary package and do a 'yum install
package-name' and yum will pull in any extras that you need. Other
worth while packages are also gstreamer-plugins-extra-video,
gstreamer-plugins-extra-dvd and gstreamer-ffmpeg, yum will pull in any
other packages you may need.


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