Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] tray icon rework patch

On 11/16/05, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 15:10 +1100, James Livingston wrote:
> > Currently you can make Rhythmbox minimise-to-tray by:
> > a) clicking on the tray icon (or using Hide Window in the context menu)
> > b) typing Ctrl-W when it is the focused window (File->Close)
> >
> > and can minimise it normally with the minimise button. Given that there
> > are easy ways to minimise it with both the keyboard and mouse, I don't
> > think we need to add another way at the expense of removing the easy way
> > to quit. Given the number of people opposed to making the close button
> > minimise and the other ways of doing it, I think it would be better to
> > change it back.
> I'm sure there will be some people that aren't happy, but I've just
> switched the close button back to quitting Rhythmbox, for the reasons
> discussed in the thread. As mentioned you can still minimise-to-tray by
> clicking on the tray icon, using File->Close, or typing Control-W.
> It might return later in some form, but not as-is with no way to turn it
> off, short of removing your Notification Area. Hopefully we'll get this
> and several other tray-related things sorted out for 0.9.3

Turn what off? Rhythmbox or the icon? I seem to remember that Ctrl+Q
does so (quit RB) or maybe I just missed the whole point.


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