[Rhythmbox-devel] Evolution of iTunes and Rhythmbox toolbar

When I look at the evolution of iTunes at

the more I think toolbars are the right way to go. =)

When you look at the screenshot of the toolbar patch

new ways of grouping controls arrives that iTunes can not achieve with
their design goals.

When looking at the 6 screenshots at the bottom, it is clear that
Apple have focused on balance perhaps even initia in the later

That's probably a good thing, but to me it is much more important to
have an intuitive interface. Initia comes second.

With toolbars you can place the duration slider under the Previous,
Play and Next buttons, which makes a lot of sense, as the duration
slider is a song control.

The Previous button is really just a "duration reset" that jumps to
the beginning of the song. If null, then skip song backwards. The same
goes for the Next button; jump the the end of the song, if song end,
then skip to next song.

Therefore would I say it is more intuitive that the Previous and Next
buttons are of each side of the duration slider. Which toolbars this
can be achieved =)

So what I basically suggest is that the duration slider is left
aligned on the second toolbar. It is right aligned now.

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