Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play queue patch #0

On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 11:16 +0200, Viktor Kojouharov wrote:
> Furthermore, I get a lot of these in STDOUT:
> (rhythmbox:23367): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: malformed sort data
> (rhythmbox:23367): Rhythmbox-CRITICAL **:
> rb_random_play_order_get_previous: assertion
> `rb_play_order_player_is_playing (porder)' failed 
> (rhythmbox:23367): Rhythmbox-CRITICAL **:
> rb_random_play_order_get_previous: assertion
> `rb_play_order_player_is_playing (porder)' failed

I'm seeing those as well, although it's not crashing.

#6  0x08082a5b in rb_random_play_order_get_previous (porder=0x82cc770)
at rb-play-order-random.c:366
#7  0x0807a607 in rb_play_order_get_previous (porder=0x82cc770) at
#8  0x0807a65c in default_has_previous (porder=0x82cc770) at
#9  0x0807a777 in rb_play_order_has_previous (porder=0x82cc770) at
#10 0x0806df47 in rb_shell_player_sync_buttons (player=0x82b7240) at

That is the backtrace of an assertion, when rb_play_order_has_previous
is called with the queue play order. I can't figure out why it's using
the random-play-order implementation.

Hopefully this helps someone figure it out.


James "Doc" Livingston
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