Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: rhythmbox connecting to iTunes shared music on another machine

The firewall is disabled on the XP machine, I was hoping the netcat test was enough to verify this but perhaps there's a better way.

On 11/7/05, Stefan Monnier <monnier iro umontreal ca> wrote:
> I am using the rhythmbox package from Debian unstable. It installed avahi
> for me. I have two machines connected via a router. One machine is wireless
> running Debian/Linux and the other is XP. Most of my music is on the XP
> machine. If I run rhythmbox and share music then the XP/iTunes machine can
> see and play the music of the Linux box, but I can't get the Linux machine
> to see the XP machine's music. I have used netcat to send data from one
> machine to the other over UDP port 5353 which I think is needed by avahi and
> that works fine (after stopping avahi-daemon/iTunes). If I run
> avahi-discover on the linux box it doesn't list the XP box though so I'm
> guessing the problem is at the avahi level rather than the rhythmbox level.
> Any tips on howto debug futher?

Check firewall settings on your XP machine?


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