Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

> Moving the volume control is definitely a good idea. Hide Browser
> probably makes sense too - although that brings up the question of what
> to do with the search box again, because it then has the entire line to
> itself.

One possibility is that Rhythmbox adopted the file chooser behaviour
i.e. you don't have a visable entry, but typing brings up an entry.

> What could be a good idea is to change the layout slight for "normal"
> mode: move the text onto one line, and put time next to the slider. This
> would make it take up less vertical space. We probably wouldn't want to
> do this for small mode though.

I am all for one line song info and very much time at the ends of the
duration slider!

> The stop button is required for when you are playing something that
> isn't pausable, e.g. an radio station. For other things it isn't
> actually needed.

So in the cases where a stop button is needed an UI change is required
and in those cases the duration slider is gone. Would it be a good
idea to place the stop button where the duration slider was?

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