Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Edit->Preferences moved to View

> That sounds good to me. It would probably be better called "Columns" or
> "Visible Columns" or something, because "General" doesn't really mean
> much.

Good point. I didn't think of that =)

> > Edit->Preferences->Library to View->Library

> The "watched library" patch added the widget to choose where your
> library resides to this pane. However that was only because the tab was
> called "Library" so it seemed convenient, not because it had anything to
> do with the other things on the tab.

So the Edit-Preferences can't be removed completely just yet I assume...

> I think these sound good, and help to reduce the number of things in the
> preferences window, which has grown recently. Although they're still
> technically preferences, they probably make more sense in the view menu.

I think so at least. =)

I got the idea when I wanted to switch off "Play Count" and I expected
it to be in View.

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