[Rhythmbox-devel] Search vs. Browse


I've been wondering whether it makes sense to simultaneously perform searching and browsing. Or, if it does make sense then whether the added complexity for the user is worth it.

What if the search box and browser were mutually exclusive?

When in browse mode, simple searching could still be performed using GtkTreeView find.

When not in browse mode, the search box could be used. The results can be sub-categorized by sorting the table columns if necessary.

I have found that most people are really confused when using both methods. This includes me. One example of this confusion is when people start using the browser and they don't realize they still have terms in the search box. If you watch enough people use rhythmbox you will know that everyone makes this mistake. This is somewhat related to the number of bugs we get asking for a clear button. The search box should be cleared the moment you start browsing.

What do you think?


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