[Rhythmbox-devel] interface changes


I've made a few small UI changes in my archive.  The result looks like:

Some of these ideas are inspired by Muine. It does a nice job of making the interface look less like a database interface and more like one that is designed for people.

A nice side effect of these changes is that there is more room in the shell-player in which to add album art and/or visualizations.

What problems do these changes solve?

 * The shell-player did not scale well to large font sizes

The song title, arguably the most interesting thing on the screen, is almost always ellipsized. This indicates that more horizontal space is required for this text.

* The song position slider was essentially useless since the granularity was so large

This is a serious problem for long songs, such as full CD DJ mixes or orchestral pieces.

* The vertical position of the play/pause, previous, next, and volume buttons would vary depending on font size and whether the "From %s by %s" subtitle was shown

Buttons should always be in the same positions because the user becomes habituated to them.

 * Removed use of broken GnomeUrl links

The search url doesn't work in firefox. The searching is broken by design since you don't want to search individually for artist and album you want to search with the terms combined. The links colors were not themeable. The ellipsizing was broken. etc.

 * Use GtkStatusBar with grippy

	This makes it substantially easier to resize the window.

 * Removed check box options from the status bar

These options take up too much space on the status bar. They limit the minimum possible width of the window. They reduce the space available for status messages. They clutter the interface. It isn't clear that it is natural to look to the status bar for control elements.

These changes live in: http://acs.pha.jhu.edu/~mccannwj/archive/

Please let me know what you think.


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